This little site provides few mappacks for a small and free (for now...) MMORPG game: Eternal Lands.

This game, by default, includes maps of SOME places. Mostly (if not only) main zone maps. If you get into a cave or dungeon you wont be able to navigate through it, as the official client lacks files needed to display indoor maps. Also, original maps - even if draw in a very nice way - do not include enough layers do provide decent information to players (especially new ones). This can be fixed by applying custom set of maps.

And this site is here to help you do so.

You may ask "WTF I need this crap for?". Well, you dont need it at all. It's not required to play the game, and even in some extreme cases - it can crash your client. But at the other hand, it can make your grind life easier.

You decide.

Mappacks made here were based on the in-game content. It's actually a compilation of different layers, made using EL map editor by setting it to top-down view and then importing raw bitmaps to photoshop. It's as accurate as it could be. As long as devs do not move a house or a mountain from one part of the map to another.

This is a list of what can you find on BS unofficial maps:

  • Caves
  • Minerals
  • Flowers (only those nearest to storage)
  • Taverns
  • Storages
  • Map exits
  • Map names
  • Teleports
  • Ores
  • Ships
  • General stores
  • Magic Shops
  • Skill Schools
  • PK Arenas, PK Zones, PK Maps
  • Temples
  • Fire pits New!
  • Hazardous Storages New!
  • Skill Schools New!
  • Rivers, mountains, islands, towns, buildings etc. etc. names

What can't be (or propably won't be) marked:
  • Secrets
  • NPC's
  • All existing flower spots
  • Monster spawns
  • Quest-related stuff