Eternal Lands Unofficial Maps are available to download in 3 different versions (in future it will probably be just one):

  • BMP - raw bitmap files, large, uncompressed - it takes a while to load those.
  • gZip - still raw bitmaps, but compressed using loseless gzip compression, way smaller so can be loaded faster than raw BMPs.
  • DDS - this is a new format that'll be required in newest EL clients, small files also easy to load. Basically, if you're using EL client that already supports this format, this is the package you need.


Before you'll download (and use) maps included in any of these mappacks, please be aware:

  1. You are using it at your own risk.
  2. Do not report any problems related to EL maps to offcial game development and support team after applying them into you client.
  3. This maps do not modify any EL client files, especially executables, but they can overwrite existing images making them impossible to restore.
  4. Create a backup of your /maps folder before applying this unofficial content.
  5. All zip files has been double and triple scanned for viruses. Yet they come with no warranty from being free from any malware infections. See point 1.
  6. Autor (or autors) of this mappack may or MAY NOT help you with any problems that can occur after applying mappack content.
  7. By downloading any of provided packs you confirm that you have been warned with the terms described above.
DDSAll maps (indoors, outdoors, guildmaps, instance). DDS format.3.048 MB
BMPAll maps (indoors, outdoors, guildmaps, instance). BMP format.3.054 MB
gZipAll maps (indoors, outdoors, guildmaps, instance). gZip format.3.054 MB