Just fixed the link to dds mappack.


There's a new section on the website from now on. Contains only single maps that I've been updating on someone's demand. Mostly guildmaps, as I dont have time to update regular, official maps - I'm simply too lazy.


Yeah yeah, IE sucks at css parsing, yet it's really fast... bleh. Dunno why but it all got screwed in chrome as well. Fixed it for ya.


As the 4th (or 5th?) version of this page is released, I thought it could be also an opportunity to post some news about incoming releases. Well, to be honest, I don't think I'll update this maps any time soon. I don't think I'll update them at all. Being personal here and giving you all a group hug (share the love) while I confess, that I'm not interested in Eternal Lands anymore.
I could write an essay about EL issues, but I'll just try to be short and say that after few years it's still a game of constant grind, which is simply as fascinating as MTV reality shows. Slow development rate, features barely supported on client side (GUI? after, like, 8 years you call it a GUI??), no role play (srsly), weird dev/tech/mod approach to players (stfu or I ban u), good ideas wasted in a purpose of getting MOAR $$, people so addicted that they can't simply quit and still MUST HARV, MUST HAZ MOAR SILVER ORE (bah, freaks me out)...
All those things may be debatable... but still...
No ty, kkthx bai.
As computer games are ment to entertain people, EL gives no phun anymore (to me).
As I'll login from time to time to talk with a bunch of old dogs I know, dont expect me to do so on a daily basis.


Before the rest of the sub-pages will be done, you can get my maps from links in the left side menu.
If you're a smart ass, then you've already noticed there's new mappack added. Thanks to DarElik my unofficial Eternal Lands Maps are now ready to hit new EL patch requirements (as I've been told test client is already working with new map format, smaller and due so faster to read). Old BMP and gZip maps are still there, available to download -- if you're still running on official EL app.


This just a fast-draw version of new website. Yes, it will get nerfed. Drupal engine is (somewhat) interesting, but it's functionality is way over this webpage needs.
Simple and plain pages ftw. I do not plan to release any new mappacks, so such a small and fast page is more than OK.

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